Monday, October 18, 2010

UFOs over El Paso on 15th Oct

This is the El Paso UFO Clip.

LOL Ignore the NY UFOs. They were balloons

Interestingly, the news clip also reported that there were air show practising manoeuvres. Maybe they were parachute demos, like this clip:

In the first UFO Newsclip, the news team called the El Paso Airport spokesperson, and she said they were doing "manoeuvres".

"Manoeuvres", I would take to being "practising" for the airshow

A simple google search shows that the Airshow is from the 16th to the 17th

So is it any surprise if the lights seen were on the 15th?

Furthermore, since I am claiming that this is probably a parachute performance, that same site shows that this airshow DOES have a parachute performance.

THE VERY SAME PERFORMERS as the second clip I showed earlier

The Golden Knight Parachute Team

Here are the Golden Knights again, with explanation what they are doing, and not so dark

Another Golden Knights performance

Here is another performance, but by the Black Daggers

After watching so many of these, if I see such lights again, "UFOs" wouldn't even come to mind

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