Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rare and possibly prehistoric sharks

Check these out. They look like something out of Berserk

Frilled Shark

Goblin Shark

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freaky sea monsters

Thanks to the internet, there are numerous pictures and videos on freaky sea creatures out there. The main point of this post is not to debunk them (although I am), but just because I like to show freaky pictures and videos

Here are a few of them:

1) Mermaid

Its really just a Guitar Fish.

2) Sea Serpant

This the Oarfish. They are the longest bony fish in the world and can grow up to 36 feet (11 metres) long. A particularly large specimen however can reportedly grow to 50 feet long.

Funny how both of these creatures have such innocent sounding names. If I ever find either dead on a beach, I'll won't be so eager to touch and carry them like these guys. I probably will, however bravely scream and run away like a little girl.

Here are more ugly bastards that I don't want to put on my blog due to the fact that I can't bear the thought of putting them on my blog. Too hideous.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Water Fuel

There have been several pseudo scientists around the world generating power from water already. They're appearing everywhere. For example:

In the US

In Japan:

Even in the Philippines:

Unfortunately, the process of making fuel from water breaks the Second Rule of Thermodynamics.

When these systems were tested, all they proved is that you CAN separate hydrogen from water, and that hydrogen can be used as fuel. However, it takes more energy to separate the hydrogen from the water, than the power the hydrogen actually generates. Thus you would be better of directly using the battery or other power source that they used to separate the hydrogen from the water in the first place.

One can but hope there is are alternate fuel sources to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, but so far water isn't the answer as much as we want it to be.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time Travel?

This guy supposedly travelled to the future and met his future self, and took handphone pictures and video clips!! Touching his future self ie same being in the same space didn't bring about the destruction of the universe. Damn you Dr Emmett Brown!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Monster Crocs

Monster Crocs. One of my favourite subjects. Hope you enjoyed the gratuitous clip before I follow up with the famous ones

Gustave - The largest Crocodile in the Nile. This one is a real monster, rumoured to have eaten more than 300 humans, and too wily to be cought or killed. He's been known to eat live adult hippos. He's 6 metres long, although that is probably the biggest known in Africa, there are others that are as big or bigger found in Asia and Australia.

This is Chao Yai, the largest Crocodile in captivity in the world. He is 6 metres long, 2450 pounds (1112kg)

This is Gomek feeding. When he was alive, he was the largest crocodile in captivity in the US. He was around 5.5 metres long.

This is Crocosaurus, the current largest Croc in captivity in the US. This croc is 6 metres, roughly the same length as Gustave, but like Gomek is tame enough to be fed at so close a distance.

Closeup of Crocosaurus.

This is a video clip of the second largest croc in captivity in the Philippines. He too is roughly 6 metres or 20 feet long.

This is another large croc captured (possibly killed?) in Indonesia

Feeding a 18 footer in Costa Rica
Monsters indeed

Friday, December 19, 2008

Loch Ness New Sighting

This is the latest video (I think) of the Loch Ness, or maybe just a large fish???

Forgotten technology - Moving HUGE Stones

How was Stonehenge or the Pyramids or many other ancient so called impossible structures built? Here are a few people who have discovered a way to do so in modern times.

Ed Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle when his fiance jilted him at the altar in Latvia around 1912. He moved to Florida and according to legend built Coral Castle as a monument to his love in hopes his love will come over to see his castle and marry him and stay with him there.

Here's a documentary on Ed's Coral Castle

Here's another documentary on Ed

Ed was secretive and unfortunately his methods apparently died with him. I'm not sure about all this theories of anti-gravity and alternate theories of magnetism though.

However today, here's Wally Wallington, who has discovered a way (may not be THE way) to do it with wood and ropes. No heavy machinery, no levitation devices, just leverage. He is not secretive and quite ingenius in the simplicity of his techniques.

Ok fine, now that there is a plausible way for one or a few people to move around rocks, even to put a monolith upright. But how do you put a large block on the top of the Great Pyramid?

Jean-Pierre Houdin perhaps has an answer. The ramps used were inside the pyramid.

Plausible? Definitely. In reality is it really how these structures were built? Who knows?

The Antikythera Mechanism

Cracked wrote an article about 6 discoveries that science cannot explain.

However, apparently scientists HAVE solve at least one of them, the Antikythera Mechanism

So a calender of sorts huh? I saw something like it in an episode of Avatar. I was kinda hoping it was really a time machine which went back in time and exploded or something.

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