Saturday, December 20, 2008

Monster Crocs

Monster Crocs. One of my favourite subjects. Hope you enjoyed the gratuitous clip before I follow up with the famous ones

Gustave - The largest Crocodile in the Nile. This one is a real monster, rumoured to have eaten more than 300 humans, and too wily to be cought or killed. He's been known to eat live adult hippos. He's 6 metres long, although that is probably the biggest known in Africa, there are others that are as big or bigger found in Asia and Australia.

This is Chao Yai, the largest Crocodile in captivity in the world. He is 6 metres long, 2450 pounds (1112kg)

This is Gomek feeding. When he was alive, he was the largest crocodile in captivity in the US. He was around 5.5 metres long.

This is Crocosaurus, the current largest Croc in captivity in the US. This croc is 6 metres, roughly the same length as Gustave, but like Gomek is tame enough to be fed at so close a distance.

Closeup of Crocosaurus.

This is a video clip of the second largest croc in captivity in the Philippines. He too is roughly 6 metres or 20 feet long.

This is another large croc captured (possibly killed?) in Indonesia

Feeding a 18 footer in Costa Rica
Monsters indeed

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